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A wedding in Tuscany is a dream occasion for anyone, and every couple is eager to make this day memorable for a lifetime. According to the current trend, you should organize a destination wedding in a beautiful city: getting married in Tuscany, Italy, is the best choice you could make!

Organizing your wedding ceremony in the arms of the Tuscan nature is an amazing idea. As a matter of fact, here you will find lots of amazing venues such as wonderful hamlets (borghi), villas, and castles, all providing perfect settings to make your day even more special. Moreover, your guests would love to enjoy the delicious Italian food served at the reception, along with a variety of local wines provided during the celebration.

Getting married in Tuscany is the dream of any couple from all around the world.

Getting Married in Florence
Have you been dreaming of a memorable wedding that combines cultural and historical attractions to create a magical event?
Well, Florence offers everything you need for the perfect wedding day,
for it provides blessings of nature, lovely artworks and an awesome cultural heritage, as well as delicious food and great wines.

Brilliant Events can help you create dream settings for a celebration in the heart of the city or even in the surrounding countryside. It does not matter whether you are looking for class and elegance or rather for a confidential intimate ceremony: the diversity of the arrangements provided in Florence will satisfy all your wishes.

Getting Married in Siena
If you are eager to enjoy a fairy-tale wedding with classy arrangements, Brilliant Events can help you find your dream venue in Siena.
This is a picturesque medieval city in Italy with many fascinating attractions. You will love the festive vibes of this town, characterized by incredible cultural and historical settings scattered all around.

Whether you want to take advantage of intimate settings to get married in Tuscany, Italy, or even if you prefer to throw a grand party for your near and dear ones, you can make bookings at one of the fabulous villas and mansions within the city. Professional teams here are ready to provide you with the most exquisite food, wine, and décor arrangements. You can enjoy celebrations indoors as well as outdoors.

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Getting Married in the Tuscan countryside
The Tuscan countryside is undoubtedly the most charming wedding getaway in the whole of Italy. Here, several beautiful villas are to be found in picturesque destinations far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Those who are looking for a memorable destination wedding should make bookings for the most elegant wedding venue in the Tuscan countryside.

Whether you are planning to organize a civil or rather a Catholic wedding, Brilliant Events can help you create the best settings for your special day. Your guests will love exploring the impressive wineries and the stunning natural landscape during the ceremony. Moreover, the staff members at these wedding venues are ready to provide you with the most delicious Italian recipes. You can book your venue in advance and discuss your unique décor plans with the team to avail yourselves of unique arrangements for the day.

Civil Weddings in Tuscany
A civil wedding ceremony in Tuscany is the best solution you can opt for, as it will undoubtedly make your destination wedding remarkable.
Couples can organize such type of ceremony in one of the astounding town halls, villas, and castles in Tuscany in Italy.
Professionals from Brilliant Events can help you make all the necessary arrangements for the ceremony. They will help you handle all the paperwork while establishing a connection with Italian authorities. You do not need to worry about formalities: you will just have to think about the special details that you wish to add to your ceremony.
You can organize the celebration in the countryside, as well as in the heart of a Tuscan city. After the wedding, couples can spend some memorable time at the beautiful destinations scattered all around the area.

Catholic Weddings in Tuscany
Those who are interested in organizing a religious or Catholic wedding in Tuscany need to start the procedure almost six months before the wedding. You might be aware that Catholicism is considered as Italy’s most common religion, so it is possible to find many alternatives for a memorable Catholic wedding in Tuscany.

Brilliant Events can help you organize your marriage in an amazing ancient church and create the most beautiful settings for the ceremony. Whether you wish to hold a mass or rather enjoy an intimate atmosphere, the castles, villas, and hamlets in the Tuscan countryside will provide you with any arrangements you could ask for. Furthermore, you can choose outdoor as well as indoor settings for the day.

Getting Married in Tuscany

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Protestant Weddings in Tuscany
If you are planning to hold a civil marriage in Tuscany, Italy, you should think of a Protestant celebration at a later stage. After following all the legal procedures in the country, you can ask for a priest to perform the Protestant wedding. There are plenty of churches in the cities and villages as well: you can choose the most attractive destination to have unlimited fun with your near and dear ones. Moreover, it is also possible to choose among a wide range of Gothic or Romanesque churches where you can create unique settings. Experts from Brilliant Events will assist you in finding the best venue for a Protestant wedding: they can help you create custom arrangements as far as lighting, food, and ceremonies are concerned. Your guests would definitely appreciate the idea of organizing a destination wedding in Tuscany.

Jewish Weddings in Tuscany
Jewish wedding ceremonies are commonly held in all Italian cities, including Florence, Rome, Venice, and Naples. Couples love organizing their ceremonies within the antique settings of historical villas and castles.
You can count on the assistance of professionals from Brilliant Events to create memorable arrangements for the ceremony.

There are many neoclassical villas, medieval castles, and rural farmhouses in the Tuscan countryside where you can plan a unique Jewish wedding. Moreover, you can also take advantage of custom décor arrangements at private locations if you wish to spend some intimate time with your partner. Your guests would love to admire the surrounding architecture and immerse themselves in such an ultimate natural beauty. Outdoor Jewish ceremonies can be organized under a chuppah.

Indian Weddings in Tuscany
There are so many amazing things to know about Indian-style wedding ceremonies, where all events and rituals have their unique importance. However, the style and beauty of these weddings are not just limited to the Indian regions: you can even organize an Indian wedding in Tuscany. Professionals from Brilliant Events are ready to make special arrangements to make your dreams come true. You will be able to ensure complete comfort and joy to all your guests during the whole event. Both indoor and outdoor areas can hold the different rituals to be followed in an Indian wedding. You can create custom décor arrangements and enjoy a memorable time in the arms of nature during your Indian ceremony. Moreover, it is even possible to combine special Indian recipes with typical Italian dishes during the reception. The combination of these Tuscan venues’ lighting, décor and architecture is everything you need for creating a lovable Indian wedding ceremony.

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Symbolic Weddings in Tuscany
Symbolic wedding ceremonies provide the most flexible options for couples that are planning to get married in Italy. You do not need to worry about any legal formalities, for the ceremony can be arranged at very short notice. You can call your friends and relatives to enjoy some memorable time together on the most special day of your life.

Professionals from Brilliant Events can help you create custom settings for the day. You can make bookings for either outdoor or indoor celebrations in one of the amazing villas, castles, or villages in the area. Some of you may even choose to hold their ceremony in the Tuscan countryside, right in the arms of nature. The décor, food, and celebration can be tailored according to your needs and desires. Moreover, you can also personalize some details about the duration, music, style, and vows characterizing your wedding ceremony.

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The expert wedding planners of Brilliant Events can help you book the venue that best suits your needs. You can also ask for special décor arrangements to enjoy a picture-perfect wedding experience. You will be ensured the best arrangements for all Catholic, civil, symbolic, Indian, as well as Jewish wedding celebrations.

You can book ancient castles, mansions surrounded by green hills, as well as other prestigious buildings ensuring functional and comfortable settings for your wedding. Guests would love to enjoy such excellent wine and food arrangements.

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