Getting married in Tuscany

From civil weddings to religious ceremonies: getting married in Tuscany is a unique experience

Dream of getting married in Tuscany? It’s surely a wonderful way to celebrate love in such a unique place. Enchanting landscapes, priceless artistic and cultural heritage and exquisite local cuisine make Tuscany an idyllic destination for a wedding.

From fascinating art cities like Florence and Siena to the beautiful countryside made of golden wheat fields, dark green cypresses and extensive vineyards, nothing beats a Tuscany setting.

Bringing your wedding dreams to life is much easier with the help of Brilliant Events: our wedding planners have a unique perspective on destination weddings and perfectly understand the various cultural needs of couples from different countries. With Brilliant Events you’ll find top quality services, expert guidance and creative vision.

We have years of experience in every type of wedding ceremony that can be celebrated in Tuscany, including religious ceremonies, civil weddings and symbolic ones.

We will guide you through legal documents and paperwork, customs and protocol, to give you the perfect wedding day in Tuscany.

Getting married in Tuscany: civil ceremonies

Civil ceremonies in Tuscany are usually performed in town halls. Many of them are historic palaces with beautiful and elegant rooms. Moreover, some private castles, villas and gardens have been granted civil marriage licenses, so you can also choose to have a more unique civil ceremony in wonderful landscapes.

There are no residency requirements to get legally married in Italy, therefore the procedures are quite easy. We will assist you with all the paperwork required, provide an official interpreter for the ceremony, plus deliver legalized wedding certificates after the event.

Getting married in Tuscany: religious ceremonies

Religious ceremonies can be arranged in many many idyllic spots in Tuscany.

Catholic weddings can be celebrated in many churches and cathedrals in the hearth of the most beautiful Tuscan cities such as Florence and Siena or in small chapels in the countryside.

Jewish ceremonies can be arranged in synagogues located in Florence, Pisa, Siena and Livorno. Florence also offers some charming protestant churches. However, pastors can also celebrate protestant ceremonies in any venue you want, perhaps in a spectacular garden, a hilltop villa or a medieval castle.

Same goes for Orthodox and Indian ceremonies. We will assist you in every step of organizing your religious ceremony in Tuscany.

Getting married in Tuscany: symbolic weddings

Symbolic weddings can be organized anywhere you like in Tuscany. We will help you find the perfect venue that suits your style and budget.

From elegant villas to exclusive wine estates, from ancient castles to romantic farm houses, all immersed in a beautiful natural environment. Your options are endless!

Symbolic ceremonies are very flexible and can be completely customized, to include special readings, personal poems, favourite songs, etc.

We are experts in every type of wedding ceremony that can be celebrated in Tuscany.

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