Civil Wedding

Civil Wedding

Civil wedding in Tuscany

Discover the best places for civil weddings in Tuscany, Italy

Civil wedding in Tuscany, Italy: every little girl dreams of getting married in a place as dreamy and romantic as Tuscany.

With its marvelous landscapes, world-famous art cities and exquisite food and wine, Tuscany’s beauty will take your breath away.

What could be more romantic than a wedding in the birthplace of the Renaissance, under magnificent frescoes and across cobbled courtyards or a wedding in the countryside surrounded by immense vineyards, dark green cypresses and silvery-green olive trees? Tuscany can truly satisfy all couples and tastes.

Civil ceremonies in Tuscany are usually performed in town halls. There are also many private gorgeous castles, villas and gardens, both in the cities and the countryside, that own a civil marriage license. We can recommend the most spectacular venues that allow on site civil ceremonies according to your style, your reception preferences and budget.

When it comes to your civil wedding in Tuscany, organization is fundamental.

Brilliant Events will provide you with detailed information and will assist you with paperwork and legal procedures.

Civil wedding in Tuscany: ceremony and requirements

There are no residency requirements in Italy therefore couples from all over the world can easily marry in Tuscany. The wedding is officiated in Italian by the local Mayor or Vice-Mayor; we will provide an interpreter who will translate the ceremony and vows. You will have to bring two witnesses.

The ceremony lasts for about half an hour and the couple can also add readings, music and personal vows.

Civil ceremonies in Tuscany are legally valid wedding ceremonies: after the ceremony we will provide your registered and legalized wedding certificates.

Civil wedding in Tuscany: the best locations

Civil ceremonies in Tuscany are usually performed in town halls. Many are historic palaces with wonderful rooms such as Sala Rossa (Red Hall) of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. This is one the most popular choices and it’s easy to see why: the room is decorated in splendid Renaissance style with rich silk brocades, gold frames and marvelous paintings providing a stunning setting for a wedding.

Civil ceremonies in Siena are often celebrated inside the historic Palazzo Pubblico, in the heart of the city centre. The enchanting medieval atmosphere will overwhelm you: the rooms feature antique furniture, prestigious frescoes and gorgeous carved ceilings.

In addition to city halls, you can also have civil ceremonies in other unique places, such as private castles, historical villas or beautiful gardens, in sceneries full of history and charm.

Thanks to our deep knowledge of wedding venues across Tuscany we will guide you through some of the most gorgeous locations, across the cobbled streets of picturesque towns like San Gimignano, Montepulciano, Montalcino, etc. or among the golden wheat fields, dark green cypresses, olive trees and vineyards in the delightful Tuscan countryside.

Are you planning your destination wedding in Tuscany? Contact us and we will be happy to help you plan your unforgettable civil wedding in Tuscany.


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